Being a leader is more than being the leader; it is about using the practices of leading to overcome challenges and achieve a desired result. We make a distinction between problems and challenges. A problem is “out there” and is often blamed on external forces. A challenge is something you own. We work with students to identify challenges that they then face and overcome using the leading practices.

We believe everyone can lead.
We believe in action learning.

Leading practices are best developed in the context of real challenges. Communication skills, self-awareness, planning, stakeholder engagement, utilization of resources and monitoring a plan are some of the skills we focus on. By applying these leading practices to a real challenge, and with coaching and feedback over time, real change happens. Young people experience success which provides momentum to keep facing new challenges.

We believe we are all global citizens

Becoming a global citizen happens over time and begins when we are very young. It is important to instill in young people a commitment to global citizenship so that they may apply this lens to all they do. No matter how near or far we travel, our world and our communities are global. Developing global leadership skills ensures young people are active participants in our world.

LiFTT empowers young people to positively impact the world. We support families, schools, and programs that are committed to helping youth address real-world problems in their local communities and beyond.

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